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EEG Training Module

An introductory training video for the LMB lab

Hello fellow EEG enthusiasts! Welcome to the hidden channel! Here is an introductory training video for the LMB lab in regard to testing. Please keep in mind that this video is outdated and thus has some irrelevant information that has been noted below. We also lost the ability to skip sections through the video (as the technology has been obsolete), so if you feel you want to go over an area or skip the outdated sections, time stamps for each section have also been provided below. Should you need more information, please check out the lab manual on the server or reach out to any of the wonderful lab members!

It might take a while for the video to load. Please be patient. 

Running an experiment: 0:00

  • Learning outcomes: 0:05

Prior to Testing: 0:20

  • Your role: 0:35
  • The lab: 1:02
  • Ignore the following: room numbers, microphone, DVD/CDs, transmitter, receiver and pen, and webcam in the testing room (it has been replaced by camera at the top corner wall)
  • Participants should be emailed the day before as a reminder: 1:51
  • Ignore "Booking a participant" section: 2:38


Lab setup: 3:52

  • Checklist 1/6: 4:06
  • Checklist 2/6: 4:38
  • Checklist 3/6: 5:51
  • Checklist 4/6: 6:38
    • Ignore medical tape
  • Preparing the electrodes: 7:20
  • Checklist 5/6: 8:21
    • Room does not have blinds anymore.
    • "Do not disturb" door sign is now replaced with “Testing in Progress” floor caution sign. You should place one just outside of the LMB lab and the other one next to the testing room.
    • You don’t have to lay out the water in the bucket for cleanup until cleanup.
  • Checklist 6/6: 8:46
  • After participants arrive: 9:27

Participant Setup: 9:57

  • Measuring and attaching externals: 10:12


IGNORE Creating a 3D head model: 15:15

Electrode setup: 18:16

  • Participant assurance: 18:30
  • Applying Gel: 18:43
  • Attaching electrodes: 19:25
  • Important: 20:34
  • Connecting wires: 20:41

Checking connectivity and triggers: 23:08

  • Checking connectivity – CLONE (2SCAN): 23:23
  • Problematic channels: 25:41
  • Checking triggers (STIM): 26:06
  • Checking triggers scan/stim: 28:44

Final instructions/camera: 29:09

  • Briefing: 29:22
    • There isn’t a microphone in the room but there is a camera at the top corner of the room in which the participant will be monitored (not recorded). So, if they need to grab the testers attention for any reason, all they have to do is wave at the camera.
  • Ignore Camera setup: 29:50
  • ActiView: 31:00


Wrapping up and cleanup: 32:07

  • Scan and stim: 32:26
  • Removing equipment: 32:44
    • Please take the electrodes off first and then the cap.
  • Cleanup: 33:58
    • Ignore taking the electrodes off as they are removed while they are on the participant.
  • Washing the cap: 35:12
    • Wrapping up cleanup: 36:08
  • Wrapping Up - Important: 37:13
  • Debriefing: 37:46
  • Final Reminders: 38:32
  • Summary: 39:37
  • Conclusion: 40:31