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[Workshop] 2017 Ontario Summer School on High Performance Computing (West)

This 5-day summer school hosted by SHARCNET will take place May 29 - June 2, 2017

SHARCNET is hosting a 5-day summer school on High Performance Computing at the University of Waterloo between May 29 and June 2, 2017. This two-stream summer school includes lectures and labs on programming distributed and multicore systems and on various topics pertaining to scientific computing. Attendees will learn how to program distributed memory systems (networked computers) known as "clusters", shared memory multicore systems and GPUs. The summer school also covers common programming languages (including Python and Matlab/Octave) and software packages pertaining to specific research domains.

This year, the Summer School West location and dates were chosen to coincide with the launch of the SHARCNET's newest and most powerful supercomputer, Graham. The School's curriculum was customized to provide Graham-specific training, starting with the dedicated Monday morning course "Introducing Graham, SHARCNET's Newest Cluster". 

Dr. Weiguang Guan who specializes in visualization and also holds an adjunct academic appointment in the Department of Linguistics and Languages at McMaster University, will be presenting the session on Deep Learning for Beginners in the afternoon of June 1, 2017. 

While there is no fee to attend the Summer School, registration is required. The deadline for registration is May 25, 2017 at midnight.