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[Good News] ARiEAL Researcher Awarded NSERC Funding

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) - Discovery Research Program

ARiEAL Researcher, Dr. Daniel Pape, received funding from NSERC to further continue his phonetics research program. His funded application is entitled "The link between speaker­-specific accuracy in speech production and listener­-specific acuity in speech perception: From subphonemic cue­weighting to prosodic categories". As the newest tenure-track faculty members in the Department of Linguistics and Languages at McMaster University, this highly valued funding allows Dr. Pape the freedom and flexibility to build up his own program of research. 

As per the NSERC website, t
he Discovery Program is its largest and longest-standing program. These grants are expected to provide the core funding and freedom so Canada’s best researchers can pursue their most promising ideas and breakthrough discoveries—world‑firsts in knowledge. The Discovery Program is highly valued within the Canadian research community. It supports ongoing research programs with long-term goals, rather than a single short-term project or collection of projects.

Congratulations, Dr. Pape! We look froward to learning more exciting research from your Phonetics Lab!