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A list of frequently asked questions that we receive at ARiEAL

Q. I’ve heard that your centre has done lots of research with patients with brain injury. Can I bring my family member to be tested?  

A. Several laboratories that are led by ARiEAL members conduct research addressing brain injury. There will be opportunities for people to take part in a research study. Please check “Study Recruitment” for more information or feel free to contact us.      


Q. Can I contact ARiEAL to get more information about a study or an article? 

A. Of course! While we try our best to ensure this website is up to date, you can always contact us if you have any specific questions that you can’t find the answer to. Depending on the volume and/or the complexity of the requests that we received, it might take several business days for us to address your request.  


Q. Are there any training courses or workshops that I can attend? 

A. One of ARiEAL’s goals is to transfer the knowledge gained through our partnership with MELD (McMaster English Language Development Diploma Program) to enhance the quality and capacity of ESL/EAP (English as Second Language; English for Academic Purposes) teaching and learning. Training and resources will be made available either online or during relevant events periodically. In addition, ARiEAL will partner with Department of Linguistics and Languages to support and expand the “Language Matters” public speaking series. You can find out more about our updated list of events at News & Events.   


Q. I am a student. Are there any opportunities for me to work with ARiEAL? 

A. Yes! Various opportunities are available for students who wish to work with ARiEAL at different level of capacities. Mentorship is one area valued highly by the ARiEAL membersYou may check out the website of each laboratory for the opportunities, or visit “Working with ARiEAL” for information on volunteer opportunities, work-study opportunities, fellowships and awards, and more. 


Q. I am a researcher. Are there any opportunities for me to work with ARiEAL? 

A. Yes. For researchers who are interested in working with ARiEAL, we invite you to visit “Partners & Collaborators” and “ARiEAL Team” pages first, and then contact us. 


Q. How can I support ARiEAL and its important research? 

A. ARiEAL is actively fundraising to sustain our research endeavours, including but not limited to our knowledge translation efforts and mentorships. Your gift will support ARiEAL in its internationally recognized research relevant to reading problems, brain injuries in children and adults, speech and language problems, language learning and bilingualism, and the essential basic research in areas such as brain imaging and recording methods. Please consider to donate to ARiEAL