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Paul Grunthal, MSc

Associate Member of ARiEAL

Business Development Manager, McMaster Industry Liaison Office, McMaster University
Advisory Board Member, Advanced Psychometrics for Transitions Incorporated (aka ProFitHR), Hamilton, Ontario

McMaster Innovation Park, Suite 305, McMaster University
175 Longwood Road South


Office Phone: (905) 525-9140 x26548


Mr. Grunthal is a Business Development Manager at McMaster Industry Liaison Office (MILO), with a specific focus on Physical Sciences and Engineering. In this role, he establishes and supports collaborative relationships between McMaster University, the private sector, and governments. In addition to assessing patentability and market potential of university inventions, Mr. Grunthal also creates licensing and spin-off opportunities for technologies that were developed at McMaster University 

Mr. Grunthal currently serves on the Advisory Board for Advanced Psychometrics for Transitions Inc. (aka ProFitHR), a leading company in the field of candidate selection and soft skills assessment.  ProFitHR offers a scientific alternative to standard interviews and provides validated tools and support services for human resource selection for corporate, academic, and government clients. Mr. Grunthal was the past President and CEO for ProFitHR.