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About ARiEAL

Learn more about our objectives and structure


ARiEAL, the Centre for Advanced Research in Experimental and Applied Linguistics, has four key objectives:
  1. To build upon a history of research excellence and create a unique environment that will enable innovative, collaborative research in experimental, clinical, and applied linguistics, and the effective knowledge organization and transfer of this research to relevant academic, community and industry groups.
  2. To provide opportunities for interdisciplinary, experiential, and problem-based student learning and mentorship at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels, and to contribute to best practices in teaching and learning at McMaster University.
  3. To promote a meaningful international perspective on experimental, clinical and applied linguistics, and establish mutually beneficial research collaborations with international academic institutions in order to build research expertise and capacity both at McMaster University and at affiliated institutions.
  4. To expand the existing engagement with the broader community – including clinicians, educators, healthcare specialists, and the general public – on core research related to matters of literacy and literacy-related obstacles, first and second language learning and loss, acquired brain injury, and neurodevelopmental disorders

Our Structure

Governing Board 

Scientific Advisory Committee
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